Enjoy a break with a difference. Here you can truly relax and unwind in the peace and tranquility of a rural landscape. The last word in geo-design dome self-catering accommodation, our nature domes are the ultimate way to experience sustainable living in comfort and privacy, without sacrificing any creature comforts.


We have carefully curated a luxury country getaway that provides you with everything that you need to create your very own bespoke break. Whether you want romance, a serene honeymoon, a celebration, adventure holiday or a simple break away from it all, you will find it here. All you need to do is pack a bag, jump in your car, and get here.

Never before has choosing local been so important. This is the age of responsible travel, and holidaying sustainably leaves as little impact on the environment as possible.

We know you’ll love it and want to come back again and again. Onsite there are also plenty of animals to interact with Alpacas, Miniature Horses, Miniature Goats, Dairy Goats, Chickens.

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Discover outback Australia in the way it's meant to be experienced: off the grid. Star watch the skies far from the glare of city lights, watch a sunrise or get up-close and personal with some local wildlife. Not only do we have goats, lambs, chickens, alpacas, and some adorable dogs on the property, our neighbours include wallabies, echidnas, goannas, platypus, koalas, possums, and beautiful native birds, including bower birds, king parrots, kingfishers, honeyeaters, and majestic wedge-tail eagles.

Located in a private valley of 110 acres of lush rainforest, waterholes, streams and waterfalls, we are surrounded by untouched native Australian eucalyptus bush in the foothills of the Yarra Mountains, just 45 minutes from Port Macquarie.

While Tom’s Creek is secluded in the foothills of the Yarras Mountains, it’s only a short distance from many attractions and activities.

The majestic Hastings River offers you fishing, kayaking and boating. The lush surrounding bush and rainforest are ideal for long walks or strolls, and you might even see a reclusive platypus splashing about in the resort’s many waterholes and creeks.

In the nearby must-see Biriwal Bulga National Park you can go hiking and horseback riding or jump in the car and visit the magnificent Rawson Water Falls, just 10 minutes away. Bring a picnic lunch (see our HAMPER MENUS) and enjoy!

See SIGHTSEEING & ACTIVITIES for a list of regional, local and on-site activities. And if you want some glamour and seaside fun, head to Port Macquarie or get us to call the helicopter. Yes, you can have it all!

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We offer a range of beautiful hampers for breakfast, lunch, and desserts. To make your stay easy, we can supply you with fresh and local ingredients to create a delicious variety of meals, accompanied by our easy-to-follow recipes. If you prefer not to self-cater, we can serve you made-to-order lunch and dinner options on request.

We make every attempt to cater to most dietary requirements, and plant-based is one of our specialities.

Please advise in advance of any food allergies. CONTACT US with any queries and requests.  


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