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Afternoon 2 pm class watch the Greenhouse venue, transform into a little Italy.

We welcome our new students to a special and unique experience.

$150.00 Italian Cooking Class with Meal + take home recipes. What you will learn is how to make - Fresh Ravioli & Fresh pasta - Arancini & Risotto Classes.

* Learn from the best! with Michel! Let your stomach be the judge.

* Fun Afternoon learning how to cook three authentic Italian dishes including pasta making from the current seasonal menu.

* Use the freshest ingredients to make your pasta, and sauces, served with bread

* Enjoy a sit-down meal featuring all the dishes you create Learn how to whip up authentic Italian dishes even the Nonna’s would be impressed by during this immersive outdoors Italian cooking class. Under expert instruction from Michel, master the skills behind some of your favourite Italian dishes like Ravioli, Aaranchi, matching sauces and sumptuous wine. What's Included? * 3-hour Italian cooking class * Expert instructor * Antipasto to enjoy during the class * Sit down meal after the class We will celebrate with a glass of wine after creating this beautiful meal. This Cooking class emphasises teaching the real Italian cooking, the real kind! only find in a true Italian home. Set in the charming surroundings of the Highlands just outside Port Macquarie you'll learn all the basics of your favourite Italian dishes including, ravioli, paired with matching sauces. Savour delicious local wine as you cook up a storm and uncover how simple it is to make fresh pasta. After the class, sit down as a group and enjoy all the mouth-watering dishes you have mastered. And most importantly EAT! Sit back and enjoy delicious food, great conversation and stunning views.

SATURDAY 2nd March 2pm cooking class

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