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The Australian Bushman’s food experience offers a fascinating insight into the culinary bush practices of Australia.

This experience has an cultural Bushman Story audio included, next to the camp fire while you create your very own ( bush tucker creation), This fun interactive experiences, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional ways of the land and the times and sourcing, preparing, and consuming food from the Australian bush.

Traditional Diet

1. **Wild Game**: Kangaroo, and other native animals are commonly hunted for their meat.

Don't worry all products have been ethically prepared for you.

Bush Hamper Includes :

Under the night sky

Campfire with Audio Experience

Kangaroo on a stick with fresh wattleseed damper & davidson plum glaze

Side of fresh seasoned Greens with sweet vinegarett made with finger limes.

And roast pumpkin salad with crushed macadamia nut base.

The Bushmans Experience

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