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The Greenhouse Pavilion in Port Macquarie offers a unique conference venue suitable for meetings, corporate events, workshops, and special occasions. With competitive midweek rates, businesses can allocate more funds to explore the attractions of the picturesque Port Macquarie region.

Located just over an hour's drive from Port Macquarie, the venue is nestled amidst stunning mountain ranges, providing an inspiring backdrop for any event. The serene valley, rolling hills, mountain landscaped gardens, and warm hospitality create a memorable experience for conference attendees.


At The Greenhouse Pavilion, events are fully self-catered, allowing groups to manage their own food arrangements. However, the venue also offers recommendations for exceptional catering services. Additionally, guests have full access to the grounds and accommodations to tailor the event according to their preferences. It's worth noting that accommodations need to be booked separately.For more details or to book your next work or personal event at The Greenhouse Pavilion, please contact their team directly.

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