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🐾Pawcasso Art Class  Paint and Canvas included and apron 



How much do you Love ❤️ your dog? 🐩🐕‍🦺🐕 Would you participate in a “Pawcasso Art Class” at the Greenhouse Venue? If it's a firm YES! Private art class with students and their dog.

Dogs must be well socialised and friendly to both human and other fur friends.


Dogs must be on leads at all times unless permitted.


Art canvas and paint 🎨 and easel provided tickets $50 per person including food snacks and glass of wine or soda.


As a future weekebd event.

Spend an afternoon learning how to paint your dog from an local arts teacher, and byo dog and treats. Let us know if this sounds like fun in the comments 🎢 🙏🐩❤️


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