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The use of Yoga is a powerful way to rebalance and refresh you mind body and soul to restore feeling of calm and rejuvenation and rest, Breathing is the very gift of life and  there's nowhere better then to breath in the fresh mountain top air while surrounded by stunning nature. Here are a few of our retreat group stay recommendations and this country's most beautiful yoga retreat to truly unwind and reconnect.

 NATURE DOMES Is surrounded by nothing but fresh country air and beautiful views at the base of the Yarras Mountains - the ideal escape for those seeking some carefree time out

We offer group stay for 8 guests with onsite wilderness experiences including but not limited to. 
Mud Wraps  /   Sauna   / Cold Plugs pools  /  Yoga /Sound healing .
Yoga is an integral part of the retreat packages here, with a 90-minute morning session the perfect way to begin your day.

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