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There is something so romantic and enchanting about a wedding in the woods. The heady aroma of eucalyptus. The sweet sound of birds chirping overhead. The sun streaming through a canopy of trees, glistening over the nearby stream....


Set in a private valley of 110 acres of rainforest at the foothills of the Yarras Mountains, Nature Domes is just 45 minutes from the coastal resort town of Port Macquarie.


We offer a wedding service for those who want an intimate, simple and serene celebration in the peace and tranquillity of the outback. We will help you take care of all practicalities, such as recommended vendors and transportation, and go above and beyond to help design your vision of a dreamy nature wedding. Everything will go without a hitch - except yours, of course!

 Click on our brochure, below, and contact us for further information and bookings.

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